Fine Arts

Head-Royce provides all students a well balanced curriculum including a strong arts program focusing on the four disciplines of dance, theatre, music and visual arts. The arts play a key role in developing the whole child and provide opportunities to understand and appreciate the larger world around them. From arts integration in the classroom to formal instruction, Head-Royce delivers a diversified and professional art program to every student.

Featured Programs


Each year the theatre department presents two plays in the fall and spring with Upper School students performing on stage and working behind the scenes. Middle and Upper School students also have the opportunity to take drama classes as a part of our elective course offerings and each grade in the Lower School produces and performs an original play each year.


Music at Head-Royce includes a wide variety of programming that allows students to experience music in a variety of disciplines. Lower School students have weekly music instruction incorporating chorus, instruments and movement. Middle and Upper School students can choose from specialized course offerings including chorus, band, orchestra song writing and jazz. All our music students perform at many on and off campus events throughout the year.


Our students are encouraged to use movement and expression through dance. Our Lower School students begin dance and movement at the beginning of each day? Middle school student have the opportunity to experience dance during their weekly activity hours and the Upper School students can chose dance electives at different levels as well as participate in F.A.D.E. a student-run dance troupe.

Visual Arts

Exploring the visual arts begins early at Head-Royce with every student in the Lower School receiving one hour of formalized art instruction weekly from our full-time art teacher. As students move onto Middle school more classes are offered such as photography and ceramics and Upper School art includes even a more expansive list such as graphic design, animation and advanced photography. Each year the school presents an All-School Art Show showcasing the talent and creativity of all our students.

A complete list of our Fine Arts classes in the Middle and Upper Schools can be found here

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