Fifth Graders Create Anti-Bullying PSA Videos
Posted 03/13/2015 12:02PM

In a collaborative project between the fifth grade teachers Ben Ladue and Lindsay Zika and K-8 Tech Integrationist Tatyana Griffin, students created public service announcements using the WeVideo program on their Google Chromebooks. One of the grade’s main learning goals was to identify theme and recognize the different ways that authors develop theme in a story. The students read “Wonder” by RJ Palacio as a part of their literature curriculum and, as a culminating activity, created the PSAs related to the central themes of the novel: kindness and bullying. They then drew upon their tech skills to make short videos. The instructors were so impressed with the students' creativity, ability to integrate tech skills and, most importantly, their commitment to spreading the message of kindness through the community that they shared the videos with the entire Lower School so that everyone could benefit from their hard work.

See two examples below and click here to view all of the PSA videos.